Supermoms juggle their obligations of work, children and husbands without the slightest hesitation. Multi-tasking moms nowadays are busier than at any other time. While managing various tasks on the “to-do” list, there are still a lot of things that need to be done and never enough time. Being a working mother, the expectations are usually high while there’s a lack of time when it comes to kids’ gatherings and family festivities. When there’s a classroom party for my kids, I would often buy cupcakes at the nearest stores and pretend that I made it just like what the other moms do. But whenever I do this, I also feel like I am letting my kids down. With this, I came up with a simple solution and that is to make easy but delectable treats. These are partially-homemade treats that will not involve baking. Also, you can do these in no time at all.

Moms have big responsibilities especially when it comes to their kids. Whatever your personalities are, either you are a plain housewife, businesswoman, single mom, cook, party organizer, etc., moms have a typical bond as the women who watch over their families. While the lack of time is a common dilemma for moms, they will definitely try at their best capacity because that’s what mothers do.

In my journey to be a “Super Mom”, I have understood a couple of things. As mothers, we have to stick together in spite of the fact that our experiences and days are loaded with diverse needs. By doing so, we are better off when we support one another. Mothers need assistance too as they can’t be great at everything. Thus, why not have a venue where we can add to our positive qualities and help us through our frail spots.

That is the reason why we’ve created the Supermomsplace. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Being Simply…Super! The site is loaded with simple occasion formulas and specialties for children, basic gathering ideas and motivation, bargains and discounts, product reviews, exclusive events, contests and giveaways, parenting tips and cheerful guidance. The site also incorporates a segment only for mothers as we need to find happiness within ourselves to be the best mothers we can be. We trust that mothers ought to be consummately blemished!